Newer News

Akonabobana finished his sixth album Camp Away. After this he is expected to release an immediate seventh album to be released near the end of this year or the start of next year. There will be more news on that though later…

In other news Ghostapes is planning on recording their first ever album within this ending year. Copies will be made and sent out with them, press kits and all. Aside from them Saaba Lou (rapper) is expected to drop a mixtape with around 14 or so songs within the coming months. There is no way of making that for certain but consistent work is being made on it. Our rap producer Stacy got on this fucking awesome ass compilation with Potholes Music, and it’s called Robot Soup. It’s getting heavily recognized and we are pretty fucking stoked to say the least. GO FUCKING BUY IT!

That is most of our musical news as of late so enjoy it fuckers.